Antenna Gains Vs Antenna Effective Area

The relation between antenna gain and its effective area for different types of antenna such as dipole antenna,horn antenna, parabolic antenna is described below in the table.

Antenna Gain (G) = (4 x Pi x Ae)/λ2= (4 x Pi x f2 x Ae)/c2

G=antenna gain
Ae=Effective area
f=Carrier frequency
c=Speed of light
λ=Carrier wavelenght

Parabolic Reflector Antenna
Figure: Parabolic Reflector Antenna
Antenna Type Effective Area,meter2 Power Gain relative to Isotropic Antenna
Isotropic λ2/4Pi 1
Infinitesimal dipole or loop 1.5 λ2/4Pi 1.5
Half-wave dipole 1.64 λ2/4Pi 1.64
Horn, mouth area A 0.81 A 10 A/λ2
Parabolic, face area A 0.56 A 7 A/λ2
two crossed, perpendicular dipoles 1.15 λ2/4Pi 1.15

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