UMTS frequency bands vs UARFCN

This tutorial on UMTS covers UMTS frequency bands vs UARFCN.

RF carrier frequency in UMTS is calculated based on UARFCN. UARFCN stands UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number. In GSM, ARFCN is used to calculate the carrier frequency. UARFCN calculation formulas are mentioned below.

Uplink: NUL = 5 * (FUL - FUL_Off)
Downlink: NDL = 5 * (FDL - FDL_Off)

FUL_Off and FDL_Off is defined in TS 21.101 standard released by 3GPP, with this we can obtain following UARFCNs.

UMTS Frequency band Carrier Frequency range(MHz) UARFCN
Band I 1922.4-1977.6(FUL), 2112.4-2167.6(FDL) 9612-9888(UL), 10592-10838(DL)
Band II 1852.4-1907.6(FUL), 1932.4-1987.6(FDL) 9262-9538(UL), 9662-9938(DL)
Band III 1712.4-1782.6(FUL), 1807.4-1877.6(FDL) 937-1288(UL), 1162-1513(DL)
Band IV 1712.4-1752.6(FUL), 2112.4-2152.6(FDL) 1312-1513(UL), 1537-1738(DL)
Band V 826.4-846.6(FUL), 871.4-891.6(FDL) 4132-4233(UL), 4357-4458(DL)
Band VI 832.4-837.6(FUL), 877.4-882.6(FDL) 4162-4188(UL), 4387-4413(DL)

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