SigFox Frame Structure | SigFox MAC Frame Downlink, Uplink

This page describes Sigfox frame structure. It mentions both sigfox downlink MAC frame and sigfox uplink MAC frame structures.

Sigfox MAC frame structure

The MAC layer is part of Sigfox protocol stack>> as defined in LTN protocol specifications.

The table below mentions description of Sigfox MAC frames used in the uplink and downlink directions.

MAC Frame Type Fields with size
Uplink MAC Frame (UNB implementation) Preamble (4 bytes)
Frame synchronization (2 bytes)
End Point ID (4 bytes)
Payload (0 to 12 bytes)
Authentication (var. length)
FCS (2 bytes, used as CRC)
Downlink MAC Frame (UNB implementation) Preamble (32 bits or 4 bytes)
Frame synchronization (13 bits)
Flags (2 bits)
FCS (8 bits)
Authentication (16 bits)
Error codes (variable)
Payload (Variable)

References: ETSI GS LTN 001, 002, 003 (Low Throughput Networks) documents.

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