LTE UL SCH Physical layer processing

This page describes LTE UL-SCH basic function and mention UL-SCH physical layer processing for transmitter part. The reference link to LTE physical layer is also provided.

The UL-SCH is used to transmit RRC signalling and application data. UCI can be added during physical layer processing before mapping on PUSCH physical channel. TBs belong to UL-SCH has variable size.

LTE UL SCH Physical layer processing

After the UL-SCH passes through the modules as shown in the figure, UL-SCH code word is produced. This code word is modulated and later used to generate SC-FDMA signal. UL-SCH codeword is transmitted during 1 ms subframe.

LTE UL-SCH Physical layer processing reference: 3GPP TS 36.212

LTE Physical Layer

Refer LTE Physical layer page for detailed description on eNodeB and UE physical layer transmitter compliant to LTE standard.


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