GPS Frame Structure

The message frame is usually of duration 0.6 sec. It contains 24 bits of data and also 6 parity bits. The GPS frame structure is composed 10 subframes. It carry 300 bits, which includes 240 data bits and 60 parity bits. The frame frequency is about 50 Hz or has rate of 50bps. Each satellite transmits 5 sub-frames in 30 seconds.

 GPS frame structure

The GPS frame starts with telemetry word used as preamble, which provides details of the satellite. The GPS system time is referred as 'Z count' and is carried in the handover word(HOW). HOW is followed by eight data words with parity bits.

Subframe-1 carry information to correct the satellite clock. Subframe-2 and subframe-3 provides ephemeris data for the satellites. Subframe-4 and sunframe-5 send the Almanac data.

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