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Data mining refers to extraction of relevant data from large pool of data available on databases, data warehouses, World Wide Web and other repositories. It extracts useful patterns, trends and insights from large datasets. It involves various tools and techniques that help researchers and analysts uncover hidden information within the data.

data mining architecture

Data mining is key part of KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases). The entire KDD process is divided into following steps or sub processes.
• Data selection• Data Cleaning• Data transformation • Pattern searching(i.e. Data mining, Finding presentation, finding interpretation, finding evaluation).

Data Mining Techniques

The Data Mining techniques are listed as follows.
• Link Analysis: association rules, sequential patterns, time sequences
• Predictive Modelling: tree induction, neural nets, regression
• Database Segmentation: clustering, k-means
• Deviation Detection: visualisation, statistics
• Text mining : Extracts valuable information from textual data including techniques such as topic modeling, sentiment analysis and named entity recognition.
• Time Series Analysis: Analyzes data points collected over time to identify patterns, trends and seasonality.

There are other techniques for the data mining which include machine learning, database systems, rough sets, neural networks etc.

Data Mining Tools

The table-1 below mentions data mining tools with descriptions. The tools are divided into two groups. The first group consists of Aureka and STN AnaVist, which does not require any learning by the user. This first group based tools are easy to use and offer basic analysis with minimal effort.

The second group consists of OmniViz and TDA vantagePoint. These tools can be used for any kind of data. Some learning is required to use these tools. Both tools come with default values and provide filters/wizards to import the data.

Data Mining Tools Description
Aureka Developed by Thomson Reuters, the tool uses data retrieved from MicroPatent database.
STN Anavist Developed by American Chemical Society, the tool uses data retrieved from four STN patent databases.
OmniViz Developed by BioWisdom, the tool is designed to analyze biological data. It can be used for other technologies also. It provides many different visualization techniques. It is flexible, efficient and interactive in nature. It is the great tool for users having knowledge of data mining methods and algorithms. Any format of data can be treated with OmniViz data mining tool. The relevant filtered data can be exported to microsoft excel.
Thomson Data Analyzer (VantagePoint) Developed by Thomson Reuters. It uses VantagePoint software for analysis. VantagePoint is developed by Search Technology. It also analyzes data in all the formats. It offers three types of pre-defined reports. The reports include Company Report, Company Comparison Report and Technology Report.

Data Mining Companies or vendors

As data mining provides very valuable information from large set of data, it is used across many technologies and domains. It includes financial data analysis, retail industry, telecommunication industry, bio-logical data analysis, other scientific applications etc. There are data mining tools specifically developed to address these vivid market requirements. Following table-2 mentions some of them with company.

Data Mining Tools Company
ADAPA Zementis Inc.
Coheris SPAD Coheris
Data Applied By Data Applied, it is web service for data analysis.
GhostMiner FQS Poland, Fujitsu
SPM (Salford Predictive Modeling suite) Salford systems
SAS enterprise miner SAS institute
D2K University of Illinois
Revolution R Enterprise Revolution Analytics
Data Detective Sentient

Conclusion : These tools and techniques developed by various companies are used to extract insights and make informed decisions based on data driven analysis in many use cases.

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