ATMEL AVR series of microcontroller

This microcontroller tutorial covers ATMEL Series of microcontroller viz. AVR 8 bit and AVR 32 bit microcontroller.

ATMEL has many microcontrollers famous among them are AVR 8 bit , AVR 32 bit and ARM 7/ARM 9 based microcontrollers. 32 bit AVR® UC3 microcontroller provides high efficiency in addition to high performance and low power consumption.

Key features of AVR 32 microcontroller

AVR32 microcontroller from ATMEL has following features.

• 16-512KB Flash
• 48-144 pins
• Up to 66 MHz
• 1.5 MIPS/MHz
• Internal High Speed SRAM, Single Cycle Access at Full Speed
• One 16-channel, 12-bit Pipelined ADC
• One 4-Channel 20-bit PWM Controller
• 3 package options - 64 pin QFN/TQFP, 100 pin TQFP,144 pin LQFP
• Voltage ranges- 5V / 3.3V
• Part Number- AT32UC3C family

AVR 32 microcontroller Data sheet with pin diagram