5g mmwave bands | 5G millimeter wave frequency range

5G NR (New Radio) mmWave standard refers to the specific implementation of 5G cellular technology that utilizes millimeter wave frequencies for wireless communication. Typically, millimeter wave frequency range is from 30 GHz to 300 GHz. Let us explore 5G mmwave bands used in this fifth generation cellular technology.

Millimeter wave Frequency Bands

millimeter wave frequency bands

Above table mentions millimeter wave frequency bands.

mmwave bands for 5G

• As mentioned in the table millimeter wave uses frequencies from 30 GHz to 300 GHz in EM spectrum.
• 5G uses upto 100 GHz i.e. 5G millimeter wave frequency bands lies from 30 GHz to 100 GHz.
• The three popular bands with bandwidths are listed below.

5G millimeter wave frequency bands Bandwidth
28 GHz 500 MHz
38 GHz 1 GHz
72 GHz 2 GHz

• Upto 40 GHz, carriers are aggregated to achieve higher bandwidth of 1GHz.
• Above 40GHz, bandwidths from 500MHz to 2 GHz can be achieved without any carrier aggregation method.

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