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This page covers Zigbee XBEE Radio AT commands. It mentions AT, ATID, ATSH, ATSL, ATDH, ATDL, ATCN, ATWR and ATMY commands used to configure zigbee XBEE radio.

These AT commands are very popular to configure, control and monitor zigbee XBEE radio's various functionalities.

Zigbee XBEE AT command Description
AT This command is used to check communication between the zigbee radio device and the computer.
ATID It will show PAN ID currently in use by the radio.
This PAN address defines the network with which radio will attach.
It will be within range from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF.
If address is added after ATID command, it will assign new PAN address to the RF device.
ATSH/ATSL Each XBEE RADIO device has 64 bit number which serves as permanent address. This address is unique. As register in the device is not enough to hold such large number. It can not be changed. We can read the higher part and lower part of the address by typing ATSH and ATSL commands respectively.
ATDH/ATDL This will show or assign the destination address which the local radio will send information to. Typing ATDH will display current high part of distination address. By putting address information after ATDH will set new high part to the destination address.
ATCN This will bring radio out of command mode immediately. It will return radio into transparent mode. Also if nothing is typed for about 10 seconds, the radio will go out of command mode automatically.
ATWR This will write current configuration to firmware. Hence radio gets new configuration.
ATMY It will show you current 16 bit address.

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