xbox one vs xbox 360-Difference between xbox one xbox 360

This page compares xbox one vs xbox 360 and mentions difference between xbox one and xbox 360. This comparison between xbox one and xbox 360 is useful to make purchase decision as well as to understand features of both.

XBOX one is successor to the XBOX 360 model. Hence xbox one has better features compare to xbox 360 version. Let us compare xbox one vs xbox 360 with respect to front panel, back panel and other useful parameters such as size, performance, pricing etc.

xbox one Features

Xbox one is released on Nov. 22, 2013 and following features.

➨Front Panel:
xbox one front panel
• Power Button
• No USB Ports on front panel

➨Back Panel:
xbox one back panel
• 2 USB Ports
• Kinect Port
• Ethernet Port
• Power Port

One USB port and one eject button available on side panel of xbox one.

XBOX 360 Features

Xbox 360 is released on Dec. 10, 2005 and following features.

➨Front Panel:
xbox 360 front panel
• EJECT Button
• Power Button
• 2 USB Ports

➨Back Panel:
xbox 360 back panel
•  3 USB Ports
•  Power Supply Socket
• Optical Audio
• A/V Port
• Ethernet Port
• AUX port

xbox one Vs xbox 360-difference between xbox one and xbox 360

From the above front panel and back panel figures we can derive following tabular comparison between xbox one and xbox 360. This difference between xbox one and xbox 360 is very useful.

Specifications XBOX One XBOX 360
Size Larger Smaller
USB Ports 3 5
Processor 8 core, x86 AMD with 1.75 GHz speed 3 core PowerPC Xenon with 3.2 GHz speed
RAM 8 GBytes 512 Mbytes
Storage 500 GB or 1 TB Hard Disk 4GB or 250GB HD
Performance More efficient due to more number of cores. Less efficient due to less number of cores.
Graphics Smoother and more realistic one compare to xbox 360 less better compare to xbox one
Number of Games Less games, slowly games available with xbox 360 are available to play with xbox one. More games as it has been launched earlier to xbox one.
Number of controllers upto eight upto 4 wireless/wired
WiFi connectivity Available Available as an add-on, provided in S-model version
Kinect Support YES NO
Dimension 33.3cm wide, 27.4cm deep, 7.9cm tall 27cm wide, 26cm deep, 7.5cm tall
Overheating problem No, due to spacious size Yes, due to less space in dsign
Noise problem Less noisy due to enough space available More noisy
Life cycle approx. 10 years approx. 6 to 8 years
Pricing $ 499 with Kinect $ 299 with kinect and 4GB console

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