wifi temperature sensor vs wifi pressure sensor vs wifi humidity sensor

This page on wifi sensor types describes temperature,pressure and humidity sensors. It compares wifi temperature sensor, wifi pressure sensor and wifi humidity sensor.

WiFi refers to Wireless Fidelity. It means products compliant to WLAN standards such as IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n etc. WLAN has coverage range of 30 to 150 meters and transfers data at the speed of 6 Mbps to 150Mbps based on wlan standard version and bandwidth of use along with multiple antennas. Using WiFi, data logged in the sensors can be transported to the wifi compliant devices such as laptop, desktop, smartphones, tablets for further recording or analysis purpose. The sensor is equipped with wifi transmitters which transmits the recorded data using wifi frequency to the wlan compliant devices such as laptop, smartphone or to the computer connected on LAN having built-in WLAN card.

wifi temperature sensor

• The temperature sensor which has wifi capability is referred as wifi temperature sensor.
• It uses temperature sensor mounted on the device to measure environment temperature.
• It measures temperature in the range from -40 to +85 DegreeC typically.
• wifi temperature sensor measures temperature with the accuracy about +/- 0.2 DegreeC.

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wifi sensors-wifi temperature sensor,wifi pressure sensor,wifi humidity sensor

wifi pressure sensor

• The pressure sensor which has wifi capability is referred as wifi pressure sensor.
• It uses pressure sensor to measure barometric pressure.
• It measures pressure in the range from 1 KPA to 110KPA (i.e. 10 mbar to 1100 mbar) typically.
• wifi pressure sensor measures pressure with the accuracy about +/- 2 mbar.
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wifi humidity sensor

• The humidity sensor which has wifi capability is referred as wifi humidity sensor.
• It uses humidity sensor mounted on the device to measure relative humidity.
• It measures RH in the range from 0 to 100%.
• wifi humidity sensor measures RH with the accuracy about +/- 2%.
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WiFi sensor vendors

Following are the WiFi sensor vendors:
• OMEGA Engineering inc.
• Point Six Wireless.
• Dickson
•  SensoScientific, Inc.
• Grid Connect, Inc.
• AcuRite

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