WiFi Internet using hotspots

As we know there are many ways one can access the internet. There are wired and wireless approaches to the same. In Wired DSL,ADSL lines are most popular. There are modems available which provide these features. In wireless many systems are evolved day by day such as GPRS,HSPA,CDMA,LTE and so on. Unlike these cellular technologies which has wide coverage wifi also provides internet access facility within the home or office premises with limited coverage. The place where laying down of wires or cables is tedious one can think of wifi and within no time wifi link can be established with the help of wifi modem or wifi routers.

WiFi hotspot schematic

Figure-1 depicts wifi hotspot schematic. As shown in the figure, wifi hotspot hardware is interfaced one side with LAN and the other side with internet through firewall. LAN is connected with multiple access points which in turn provides connectivity to end user wifi compliant devices. Internet is connected with billing/roaming server as well as authentication server.

wifi hotspot kiosk

Figure-2 depicts one of the hotspots installed in germany. This hotspot kiosks is very useful for people to pay and use wifi based internet services. It also has video calling support from this wifi kiosk. In the future to come one will find these type of kiosks everywhere across the world. The advancement in the wifi based on wlan standards will enable faster interent connectivity and with increase in the coverage. There are devices available such as wifi booster and wifi repeater which helps increase wifi coverage.


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