WiFi Bridge or Access Point

This page describes wifi based bridge or access point. The typical function of wireless bridge is the interface between wired and wireless devices. Wireless bridge receives the signal from wireless router and transmits to wired devices. The wireless bridge used in the wifi network is referred as wifi bridge. WiFi bridge extends the coverage limit of wifi signal.

wifi bridge or access point

One such wifi bridge is Xtreme N® Duo from D-Link. Following are the silent features of this wifi bridge. Always position the bridge such that it will be within wifi coverage of router and within the cable distance limit of wired devices.
•   supports IEEE 802.11 g ,11n, 802.3 and 802.3u
•   Houses 4 LAN ports and 1 push button for WPS support
•   Houses internal antenna
•   Provides LEDs for power,bridge,Access point, LAN and WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
•   Should have passed WiFi®, FCC and IC certifications


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