WiFi USB Adapter

The WiFi USB adapter is the device which interfaces USB compliant devices and wifi device. This helps them communicate and transfer data between them. This device helps one connect with the wifi network at home or in the office or at the wireless hotspots. After the user device is connected with the wifi network one can access internet or transfer data at the speed as per WLAN standard version supported on the WiFi USB adapter.

If 11a/11b/11g is supported than one can transfer data at the rate of maximum 11Mbps and provide distance coverage of about 35 meters in the indoors and 70meters in the outdoors. If 11n is supported than one can transfer data at the 70/140 Mbps data rate based on MIMO configurations and provide distance coverage of about 70 to 250 meters.

WiFi USB Adapter

Figure describes D-Link Air DWL-122 wireless USB adapter which operates on 2.4 GHz frequency band. This WiFi USB adapter supports following features:
•   802.11-b wifi compliant
•   Provide 328 feet coverage in the indoors.
•   supports infrastructure networks (through Access Point/Router)
•   Peer-to-Peer communication in the Ad-Hoc mode
•   supports security versions (64-bit/128-bit WEP encryption type)
•   USB 1.1 standard
•   external power supply is not needed as it is powered using USB port


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