WiFi TV(Television)

TV or Television is not new to anyone but day by day human beings are inventing new methods to manufacture television sets with advance features. WiFi technology is evolved very rapidly to cater faster data at greater coverage to wireless and wired devices. WiFi TV is one such latest invention which provides many new features to the normal TV set. It has built in modem which takes care of providing connectivity with internet.

This WiFi TV can be used to watch podcasts as well as webcasts. It also helps one connect with any one on facebook and twitter and watch movies on youtube. All these can be done while watching news channel.

Figure depicts wifi based TV and other products.

wifi TV

Advantages of WiFi TV

•   Simultaneous access of internet and television channels.
•   Wires or cables are not needed in WiFi TV.
•   no white lines on TV due to high wind speed.
•   No signal problems on particular frequency channels.
•   Easy integration with other electronic devices viz. games,DVD player,VCR etc.

The only disadvantage is that wifi-TV need to be kept near or within the coverage area of wifi signal emitting device. WiFi TV need stable wifi connectivity using wifi hotspots.

WiFI TV sets are sold by many companies. Popular among them are sony and samsung. There are different sizes which is in the range from 32 inches to about 55 inches. The screens are LCD,LED and plasma screen based. LED is most popular among all. Almost all the wifi TV manufacturers provide the same features as the technology on which these TVs are developed is latest one(WLAN standards).


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