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wibro versus mobile wimax

This page wibro versus mobile wimax covers difference between wibro and mobile wimax technologies.

WiBro is the technology developed by Telecom Company of South Korea. It is similar to mobile wimax standard. Following section highlights comparison of WiBro vs Mobile WiMAX.

Both support OFDMA Physical layer. 512 and 1024 FFTs are used in Mobile wimax while WiBro uses 1024 and 2048 FFTs. Channel Bandwidths of 5, 8.75 and 10 MHz is used in Mobile wimax and 7, 8.75, 10 and 14 MHz are used in WiBro.

No. of OFDM symbols are 48 in Mobile WiMAX and are 42 in WiBro for frame size of 5ms.

MIMO is used in Mobile WiMAX system and in Phase-I WiBro, it is not supported.

HARQ of chase combining type is used in Mobile WiMAX while WiBro employs HARQ of incremental redundancy type.

TDD is used in Mobile WiMAX equipments. TDD, FDD and H-FDD are used in WiBro equipments.

As far as MAC is concerned, Mobile WiMAX uses Hard Handoff (HHO) and WiBro uses Fast Base Station Switching (FBSS).

In Mobile WiMAX Base Station is connected to ASN-GW (Access Services Network-Gateway), in WiBro RAS(Radio Access Station) is connected to ACR (Access Control Router).

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