Belkin WeMo basics | What is WeMo? | Home Automation

This page describes WeMo basics. The term WeMo is proprietary name given by Belkin. It describes WeMo home automation network and WeMo devices.

WeMo is the brand name used by Belkin for its products which utilize existing wifi standard for communication. WeMo devices utilize wifi router for communication between them. WeMo is a star network and not mesh network.

Belkin WeMo products

WeMo based devices utilize applications to interact with each other using wifi chip. Now-a-days wifi cheaps are available on all the computing devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. The concept is very popular for Home automation using WeMo compliant products.

Belkin has developed more than 25 WeMo products which include LED smart bulb, WeMo switch etc.

WeMo features

Following are the features of WeMo devices:
• Coverage Range: 100 feet
• Maximum supported devices: It depends on router.
• Data rate: Depends on router.
• Frequency: 2.4GHz
• Network topology: Star
• Hub: Not needed.

What is?

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