What is VoWiFi?

As we know voice solutions are having several benefits over non voice solutions. WLAN has been developed to provide data connectivity between various devices wirelessly. This eliminates cumbersome wiring used before in LAN. Companies and manufacturers are working towards providing voice transmission over WiFi network. WLAN network is also referred as WiFi network.

This voice transmission over WLAN network is referred as VoWiFi. WLAN network is made up of Access Points and Stations. Access Point is like router which is interfaced with internet service provider. Stations are dongles or wifi card used by the users to access the wifi network. Now-a-days all the smart phones are coming up with WLAN capabilities and hence it has become essential for companies to have support of VoWiFi to save cost and have efficient interaction between their employees. This helps tremendously in the business management.


Figure depicts typical VoWiFi network. This network has got several advantages such as increase in productivity, cheaper maintenance and installation, better coverage and reduced actual number of cellular calls by employees. By following below mentioned considerations one can have very efficient VoWiFi network.
This network is very simple and will have only subscribers (referred as terminals or stations) and Access Points as their basic network elements.

•  Need to have good enough signal strength
•  VoWiFi network should take care of increase in traffic load and number of clients
•  Network latency should be minimal.
•  Need to handle network congestion.
•  L2 and L3 should take care of seamless roaming.

What is?

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