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Google Project Fi Basics | What is Project Fi

This page describes what is Project Fi from google.It mentions basics of how Project Fi works.The features of smartphone Nexus 6 required for Project Fi are covered.

The Project Fi is a google initiated technology concept. It is considered to be network of networks. As per this concept, one SIM will be available to provide wifi and cellular services to the subscribers across the world. Google has partnered with various vendors to develop SIM card which provides support to multiple networks.

Using Project Fi subscribers can access both voice and data services across the world and pay the amount as per charges set by the local telecom service providers.

Only Nexus 6 mobile phone supports Project Fi services as on august 2015. Check the features of Nexus-6 phone below. Project Fi provides support for voice, SMS/MMS and data in 120+ countries. So subscribers will be able to get Project Fi services only in these countries where the coverage is available for such service.

In order to have the Project Fi service, intentive users need to sign up on google site and need to own Nexus-6 phone. While signing in google will check whether the Project Fi is available in the region based on Zip code entered.

Google has partnered with leading carriers in US such as T-Mobile and Sprint to launch Project Fi service. Let us understand how Project Fi works.

How Project Fi works

Project Fi

The figure is a conceptual representation of Project Fi. In Project Fi, subscriber having nexus-6 phone will have connectivity with wifi hotspots as well as two LTE networks. The subscriber will choose the best RF signal strength to obtain its service. The same is depicted with Car-B choosing wifi service over LTE-1 and LTE-2 networks.

The car-C gets signals from LTE-1 and LTE-2 networks and will choose best signal from LTE-1. Similarly based on received signal strength mobile phone will choose either wifi hotspot or LTE hotspot for its service.

In order to provide seamless service to the Project Fi users, handover from WLAN to LTE and LTE to WLAN is essential. This handover types are supported by Nexus-6 phone. So in order to have the Project Fi service phone should support WLAN and LTE networks. WiFi service is based on WLAN standards so 'WiFi' and 'WLAN' words are used interchangeably.

Nexus 6 Phone for Project Fi

Following are the Nexus-6 features required to obtain the Project Fi service.

Specifications Nexus 6 support
Display 5.96" 2560 x 1440 QHD AMOLED display
Camera Front facing(2MP) and rear facing(13MP)
Processor CPU - Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 805
GPU- Adreno 420
Memory 32 GB/64 GB
Cellular Technology GSM, 3G, LTE
WiFi Technology Supports WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
LTE Band-40 support in INDIA Not available

Hope this page would have helped you understand google Project Fi basics. For any further information of FAQs on Project Fi please visit following link.

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