what is BEP?

This page describes what a BEP in GSM/GPRS/EDGE standard.

In GSM/EGPRS/EDGE parameter to determine radio conditions and hence to decide coding scheme is called BEP. It stands for Bit Error Probability.

The BEP is determined on a burst by burst basis. It is used to determine two important parameters CV_BEP and MEAN_BEP.

The CV_BEP is parameter to measure quality from one burst to the other. Hence it reflects the effect of frequency hopping and the interleaving loss/gain.

The MEAN_BEP is used to indicate C/I ratio and the velocity. It is calculated by average of the BEP calculated for all the four bursts of a radio block.

What are BEP types-Mean BEP, Actual BEP, Reported BEP, CV BEP

Mapping between MEAN_BEP and Actual_BEP
Mapping between Reported CV_BEP and Actual CV_BEP
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