Waveguide Switch

The device which usually interfaces with two input waveguide ports and one output port; but actively guide Electro-Magnetic waves(EM waves) from one input port to the output port is called waveguide switch.

It is mainly used in switch over units in VSAT Hub or central stations in LNA and High Power amplifier systems. Refer RF Switch for more information.

waveguide switch

Waveguide switch is available in various waveguide sizes. Following specifications need to be consider for selection of the waveguide switch.
• Frequency range
• Isolation in dB
• Insertion Loss in dB
• Power handling capability (peak/average)
• Current consumption
• Switching time

Figure depicts waveguide switch sketch. As shown it is controlled using DC voltage applied. Various control voltage options are available. Switch can be placed either in position 1 or position 2 as shown.

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