Thermistor basics | NTC thermistor vs PTC thermistor

This page covers thermistor basics including NTC thermistor vs PTC thermistor types and mention thermistor manufacturers. The link to comparison between thermocouple, RTD and thermistor is also mentioned.

A thermistor is semiconductor device whose resistance changes based on temperature change. It is also referred as thermal resistor. They are available in various sizes and shapes such as rod, disc and bead shaped.


There are two types of thermistor viz. NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) and PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient). In NTC type, resistance decreases as their temperature increases. They are made of oxides of nickel, manganese, copper, cobalt and other materials. They are mainly employed for temperature control and measurement applications. NTC type thermistors are heated either using external surroundings or using internal flow of current. This resistance change results into current or voltage change. This is given as input to the electronic system where they are processed based on application.

In PTC type thermistor, resistance increases as temperature increases. They are made of barium titanate. They are used to protect electronic circuits from high temperatures. This effect can be seen in electric motor overloaded due to some short circuit or other reasons.

Thermistor manufacturers

Following are reputed thermistor manufacturers.
3. Murata electronics -Thermistor manufacturer
4. Selco Products Co.
5. Semitec
6. Spectrum control
7. US sensors Corp.
8. Semitec
9. Vishay -Thermistor manufacturer

Difference between thermistor, RTD and thermocouple

comparison between thermocouple vs RTD vs thermistor

Refer difference between Thermocouple vs RTD vs Thermistor >> for their advantages and disadvantages in order to compare them.


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