switching vs forwarding vs routing | difference between switching,forwarding,routing

This page compares switching vs forwarding vs routing and mentions difference between switching, forwarding and routing.


switch connectivity

• The networking device which performs switching is known as switch.
• It operates on hardware part based on look up table to perform switching operation.
• Switch checks for destination MAC address in the packet and switches the packet to appropriate destination host.
• It operates on layer-2 i.e. data link layer.
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MPLS Label Switching

• It does not perform any check on the packet, just forward it to next hop.
• It checks for MPLS label in the packet verify it in the flow table and consecutively forward the packet.
• If the destination is in the same subnet, it forwards the packet to corresponding port of destination host. If it is in the other subnet, it forwards the packet to next MPLS router.
Refer MPLS Switch basics”.


router connectivity

• The networking device which performs routing is known as router.
• It operates based on routing table.
• It operates on OSI layer-3.
• It works based on IP address.
• It follows different protocols such as RIP, OSPF etc. for routing.
Refer router basics”.

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