sensitivity vs noise figure-GSM,EGSM,DCS1800,PCS1900,DECT,GPS

This page covers receiver sensitivity, Input SNR, required CNR and noise figure of GSM, EGSM, DCS1800, PCS1900, DECT and PCS standards.

Receiver sensitivity is the input power level to the receiver of a wireless device at which it will work efficiently without any problem. This is the level at which required SNR and CNR is maintained. Input noise level requirement for the same is mentioned below.

Noise figure is directly proportional to noise factor, which defines how much of noise is added to the input signal being amplified.
Noise Figure is equal to 10 Log(Noise Factor)
Where Noise Factor is the ratio of input SNR to the output SNR.

Standard Receiver sensitivity (dBm) Input Noise (dBm) Input SNR (dB) CNR (dB) Noise Figure (dB)
GSM -102 -120.8 18.8 9 9.8
EGSM -102 -120.8 18.8 9 9.8
DCS1800 -100 -120.8 20.8 9 11.8
PCS1900 -102 -120.8 18.8 9 9.8
DECT -83 -112.3 29.3 10.3 19
GPS -130 -110.9 -19 Not applicable 14


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