satellite Vs payload-difference between satellite and payload

This page compares satellite Vs payload and mentions difference between satellite and payload.

What is Satellite?

The function of the communication satellite is to receive signal from earth and transmit the same signal to broad area of the earth. Satellite does frequency conversion and amplification of the received signal before relaying back the signal to the earth. Satellite transponder does this operation. Satellite has following major parts viz. Bus section, payload, antennas and solar panels.

Satellite vs Payload

What is Payload?

As mentioned payload is part of the satellite or spacecraft. It contains electronic components and circuits which perform frequency conversion and amplification of the received signal from the earth.

Payload can be carrying capacity of the aircraft or launch vehicle. It is measured in terms of weight.

➨For rocket, payload is satellite or spacecraft.
➨For missile, payload can be warhead etc.
➨For vehicle, payload can be cargo, passengers or flight crew etc.

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