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Ping command format and examples

This page describes ping command format, ping command example and ping command application of use. It mentions Extended ping command format,example and application.

Following table mentions syntax or format of the ping command and extended ping command.

Ping Command Format Description
#ping w.x.y.z The command checks for layer-3 connectivity with IP device with address w.x.y.z
#ping Performs basic layer-3 to test device with ip address
#ping Guru Same as above but it pings the system with its IP host name rather than IP address

Extended Ping Command Format and examples

Following table-2 mentions extended ping command formats with descriptions.

Extended Ping Command Format Description
#ping Enters into extended ping mode, which provides more options
Protocol [ip] : ENTER It will enter into ping mode for IP
Target IP address: Enter the target ip address
Repeat count [5] : 100 enter the number of echo requests you would like to send, the default value is 5.
Datagram size [100]: ENTER Enter the size of datagram to be sent, default value is 100
Timeout in seconds [2]: ENTER Enter the timeout delay between sending echo requests
Extended commands [n] : yes Allows you to configure extended commands
Source address or interface: set the address from where ping is originating.
Type of service [0] allows to set TOS field in IP header
Set DF bit in IP header [no] allows to set DF bit in IP header
Validate reply data? [No] allows to set whether you want validation
Data Pattern [0xFFFF] one can change data pattern in data field of ICMP echo request

Ping Command Application

ping request and ping response

Ping command falls under ICMP family of protocols. ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol.
Refer Ping Protocol basics which mentions ping request and ping response protocol message contents.

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