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Fingerprint sensor basics | Fingerprint sensor types

This page covers Fingerprint sensor basics and mention Fingerprint sensor types. Specifications of Fingerprint sensor from Fingerprint Cards AB has been mentioned.

The electronic device which is used to capture the fingerprint pattern is known as fingerprint sensor. This sensor is part of device called as fingerprint scanner. The captured biometric sample of finger is used for identification purpose.

There are different technologies adopted in fingerprint sensor for sensing as mentioned below. Based on the same, following fingerprint sensor types are available.
• Optical• Thermal• Pyroelectric • Piezo-electric• Ultrasound• capacitive • piezoresistive • MEMS etc.

fingerprint sensor used in fingerprint scanner

• The figure-1 depicts how fingerprint scanner works.
• As mentioned in the block diagram, human finger is pressed on the scanner device.
• This finger image sample is captured using sensor.
• This captured analog data is converted into digital data using ADC converter.
• The digital data is transferred to PC or laptop using suitable interface cable.
• Once the live data is available in the system, it is compared with previously available database of fingerprints.
• Based on comparison, it is decided whether the captured finger image is valid or not.

Fingerprint Sensor from Fingerprint Cards, AB

Fingerprint Cards AB have developed different types of fingerprint sensors viz. touch based, swipe based and area based. Following are the specifications of there fingerprint sensors from fingerprint Cards, AB:
• Touch based fingerprint sensor: It works on capacitive sensor principle. It captures image in 256 true gray scale.
• Swipe based fingerprint sensor: It works on 3D sensing technology. It captures image with very high resolution and 256 gray scale values.
• Area based fingerprint sensor: It works on reflective method of measurement.

Fingerprint sensor Applications

Following are the typical applications of fingerprint scanner:
• Voter ID card
• Security in offices and banks
• National ID Card
• Passport
• Children Identification
• Emmigration check

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