Diode vs Transistor-Difference between Diode and Transistor

This page on Diode vs Transistor describes basic difference between Diode and Transistor.


The diode is a electronic device which consists of only two electrodes i.e. anode and cathode. There are various types of diodes. Their voltage characteristics determine their application of use. The common diode types include GUNN, Varactor, Tunnel, PIN, Zener, schottky, Impatt, Trapatt, Baritt etc. Follow links mentioned below for basics of each of these diode types.
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Diode Forward Voltage: It is the voltage across electrodes of a diode when current flows. The current increases exponentially with voltage. Hence voltage is substantially constant over range of currents in common use. Typically 0 to 7 volts at 10 mA will make diodes very useful. The diode acts as voltage reference diode when it is used to provide reference voltage equal to forward voltage across its terminals.


The transistor is a solid state equivalent of a triode valve. There are difference types of transistor viz. BJT, FET and MOSFET etc. BJT is a current controlled device which provides amplification or gain to the input signal. The common terminals in BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) are Collector, Emitter and Base. Further there are two types of BJT having PNP and NPN configurations. Common semiconductor materials in transistor construction are silicon and germanium. FET is a voltage controlled device with terminals source, gate and drain.
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