M2M vs IoT

This page compares M2M vs IoT and describes difference between M2M and IoT.

•  M2M is basically communication between a machine or a device with a remote computer.

•  There are three processes involved in the M2M as mentioned below:
•    It connects the device to the cloud. •    Manage the device. •    Collects the machine and/or sensor data.

Refer our article on M2M to know more about M2M technology which helps understand the difference between M2M and IoT.

IoT goes beyond the M2M periphery and it basically represents things connecting with the systems,people and other things.

M2M can be thought of as integral to the IoT. IoT is bigger than M2M.

Refer IoT basics and Cellular IoT concepts with typical IoT device block schematic.

IoT Wireless Technologies

WLAN    ➤THREAD    ➤EnOcean    ➤LoRa    ➤SIGFOX    ➤WHDI    ➤Zigbee   ➤6LoWPAN   ➤Zigbee RF4CE   ➤Z-Wave   ➤NFC   ➤RFID   ➤Lonworks   ➤CEBus   ➤UPB  

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