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circuit switched call vs packet switched call

This page circuit switched call vs packet switched call describes difference between circuit switched(CS) call and packet switched(PS) call. It provide link to GSM/WCDMA circuit switched call and packet switched call flow. It include both MO(Mobile Originated) and MT(Mobile terminated) call.

circuit switched call vs packet switched call

Circuit Switched call

In circuit switched call, the circuit from Originating mobile to terminated mobile remains open till the duration of the active call. Data is sent over this path with constant fixed bit rate. circuit switched call is appropriate for applications requiring reliable dedicated connection between two parties. For example real time voice call with good quality. The route for the CS call is shown in the figure with blue line.

GSM and WCDMA circuit switched(CS) call

Following are some of the useful links to GSM and WCDMA Circuit switched call flow.
GSM Mobile Originated Circuit Switched call
GSM Mobile Terminated Circuit Switched call

Packet Switched call

In Packet Switched call, packets from the same source or originating mobile will follow different paths to reach the destination or terminated mobile. Remember here that transmission happens here in parts. Each packet in packet switched call will have address field of destination device, which helps in finding proper route for that IP packet. The route for the PS call is shown in figure with pink line.

GSM and WCDMA Packet switched(PS) call

Following are some of the useful links to GSM and WCDMA packet switched call flow.
GSM downlink packet switched call
GSM uplink packet switched call

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