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cellular data vs wifi data | cellular data and wifi data

This page compares cellular data vs wifi data and mentions difference between cellular data and wifi data. Let us understand what the data refers to.

What is Data?

Definition: The term data refers to electronic information that is transmitted/received from/to your mobile phone. All of the following activities fall under data.
• Share photos/videos from your phone to the internet.
• Send and receive E-mail messages.
• Use social media sites like facebook, google plus, twitter etc.
• Browse the internet
• Watch streaming video on a website using an app like youtube.
• listen to streaming music
• download apps from apple, microsoft or google store.
• Follow directions as provided by maps app.

cellular data network and wifi data network

Cellular Data

• The data transported over cellular network is known as cellular data.
• There are different cellular network such as 2G (GSM), 3G (WCDMA), 3.5G (HSPA+), 4G (LTE, Mobile WiMAX), 4.5G (LTE Advanced) etc. in increasing order of data speed requirements. Refer Cellular tutorial for more information on cellular network basics.
• Cellular network is available nation wide.
• Cellular data users will be charged as per different subscription rates and usage.
• Coverage range is higher.

Wifi Data

• The data transported over wifi network is known as WiFi Data.
• The WiFi network follow various IEEE WLAN wireless standards such as 802.11a/11b/11g/11n/11ac/11ad etc.
• WiFi network is not available everywhere but now-a-days it is available in business offices, malls, airports, railway stations etc.
• WiFi data users are not charged and it is available free of cost at most of the public places.
• Coverage range is lesser compare to cellular network.

Refer mifi vs wifi which describes how both cellular data and wifi data are being used in the home with advanced mifi+wifi routers.

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