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Broadband vs narrowband-Difference between broadband and narrowband

This page broadband vs narrowband describes difference between broadband and narrowband.


Broadband vs Narrowband

For the applications which requires higher data rate broadband is the choice. In order to accommodate higher rates higher frequency spectrum is needed. As mentioned in the figure, broadband occupies more bandwidth compare to narrowband system. But the transmit power is less compare to narrowband.


For the applications which requires long range, low power and reliable communications narrowband is the choice. As shown, narrowband occupies less bandwidth compare to broadband system. But the transmit power is higher compare to broadband system. Following table mentions comparison between broadband and narrowband systems.

Specifications Broadband Narrowband
spectrum efficiency Low Very High
Power Efficiency Low High
Data rate High Low
Coverage range Less Very long
Environment penetration Low High
Preamble code length Long Short

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