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Aeronautical Channel Scenarios

This page covers various Aeronautical channel scenarios such as parking, taxi, flight arrival, en-route from air to air and from air to ground during landing.

Specifications Parking scenario Taxi scenario Arrival scenario En-route (Air to Air) En-route (Air to Ground)
Air craft Velocity in mph 0 to 5.5 0 to 15 25 to 150, typically 85 17 to 440, typ.250 620
Maximum Delay (worst case) 7x10-6 7x10-6 7x10-6 66x10-6 to 200x10-6 33x10-6 to 1.0x10-3
Number of echo paths 20 20 20 20 20
fdLOS/fdmax - 0.7 1 1 1
Rice factor (dB) - 6.9 9 to 20, 15(mean value) 2 to 20, 15(mean value) 2 to 20, 15(mean value)
Start angle of Beam (Degree) 0.0 Degree 0.0 Degree -90 Degree 178.25 Degree 178.25 Degree
End angle of Beam (Degree) 360 360 90 181.75 181.75
Exp. or two Ray Exp. Exp. two ray two ray two ray

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