active satellite vs passive satellite | difference between active satellite and passive satellite

This page compares active satellite vs passive satellite and mentions difference between active satellite and passive satellite. It mentions examples of both active satellite and passive satellite types.

Active Satellite

active satellite

• The figure-1 depicts active satellite type.
• The active satellite has many benefits over passive satellite.
• It has its own transmitting and receiving antennas.
• It amplifies the signal received from earth station or ground station and retransmits the amplified signal back to earth.
• In addition to amplification, it performs frequency translation of the received signal before retransmission. Active satellite can generate power for its own operation.
• It is known as active repeater due to its functionality.

Active Remote sensing satellites transmit energy which is used to form the image.
ACRIMSAT, Courier 1B

Passive Satellite

passive satellite

• The figure-2 depicts passive satellite type.
• The passive satellite is a reflector which receives the signal from the transmitting earth station and scatters the signal in all the directions.
• It reflects the EM radiation without any modification and and/or amplication.
• Passive satellite can not generate power of its own and simply reflects the incident power.
• It is known as passive repeater due to its functionality.

Example#1 :
Passive remote sensing satellites collect the energy which is reflected or emitted from the surface.
Example#2 :
Starshine, PAGEOS

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