Zigbee USB Dongle Basics

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This page describes zigbee USB basics and provides list of Zigbee based USB vendors. Similar to normal USB dongle which is used for storage of data or information, zigbee USB provides the same function. In addition it interfaces with other nearby zigbee devices so that nearby devices can send information through wireless zigbee connection and USB device connected with PC stores the information.

Zigbee USB dongle works at 2.4 GHz ISM band. It is based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard. It employs RF transceiver chip which employs DSSS modulation. The dongle works as required as network coordinator, as network router or as sensor. Thus it can directly join the existing zigbee mesh network or can form new zigbee mesh network.

Zigbee USB Vendors, Manufacturers

Following is the list of zigbee USB manufacturers.
•  Integrated Systems Development

•  Digi International Inc.

•  Silicon Labs {zigbee USB}
•  Lemos International (www.lemosint.com)
•  Adaptive Modules,UK (www.adaptivemodules.co.uk)
•  Texas Instruments
•  RF Solutions Ltd, UK
•  Telegesis Ltd {zigbee USB}
•  Passport Networks

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