Zigbee Profile ID List-Public Profile IDs,Zigbee Device IDs

This page mentions zigbee profile ID list in table format. It mentions zigbee public profile IDs and zigbee device IDs in table format. Refer zigbee protocol stack and Zigbee tutorial in order to understand zigbee stack.

There are two main types of profile IDs viz. public profile and manufacturer specific profile. The data transmission and reception in zigbee device occurs using application profile. They have specific IDs assigned with size of 16 bits.

• Public profile - ranges from 0x0000 to 0x7fff
• Manufacturer Specific Profile - ranges from 0xbf00 to 0xffff

Public profiles are used in order to have interoperability between different OEM devices. Manufacturer specific profiles are used by OEMs which do not require any interoperability with other OEM products.

Zigbee Public Profile IDs table

Following table mentions zigbee public profile IDs.

Zigbee Public Profile IDs Description
0x0101 Industrial plant monitoring
0x0104 Home Automation
0x105 Commercial Building Automation
0x107 Telecom Applications
0x108 Personal Home and Hospital Care
0x109 Advanced Metering Initiative

MSP (Manufacturer Specific Profile) identifiers are obtained from zigbee alliance by the companies with requests. One such ID with number 0xc035 is assigned to San Juan software by the zigbee alliance. This ID can be used for training and demo purpose internally. This ID should not be used for products under shipment.

Zigbee Device IDs table

Following table mentions Zigbee Device IDs. These IDs range from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. The IDs in the table are used in Home Automation Profile of zigbee.

Zigbee Device Group Zigbee Device IDs Description
Generic 0x0000 ON/OFF Switch
0x0001 Level Control Switch
0x0002 ON/OFF Output
0x0003 Level Controllable Output
0x0004 Scene Selector
0x0005 Configuration Tool
0x0006 Remote control
0x0007 Combined Interface
0x0008 Range Extender
0x0009 Mains Power Outlet
Lighting 0x0100 ON/OFF Light
0x0101 Dimmable Light
0x0102 Color Dimmable Light
0x0103 ON/OFF Light Switch
0x0104 Dimmer Switch
0x0105 Color Dimmer Switch
0x0106 Light Sensor
0x0107 Occupancy Sensor
Closures 0x0200 Shade
0x0201 Shade Controller
HVAC 0x0300 Heating/Cooling Unit
0x0301 Thermostat
0x0302 Temperature Sensor
0x0303 Pump
0x0304 Pump Controller
0x0305 Pressure Sensor
0x0306 Flow sensor
Intruder Alarm Systems 0x0400 IAS Control and Indicating Equipment
0x0401 IAS Ancillary Control Equipment
0x0402 IAS Zone
0x0403 IAS Warning Device

Also refer zigbee cluster ID list.

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