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This page describes TV White Space Wireless System.It mentions TV White Space Internet application. The short form of TV White Space is TVWS.

The term White Spaces are referred to the spaces located between occupied channels of the RF spectrum. Following are the features of White Space Wireless System.
• It operates in NLOS path in addition to LOS path.
• The frequency spectrum here is un-licensed similar to WiFi system.
• It provides broadband internet around mountains and buildings. This is also referred as TV White Space Internet due to use of white spaces of TV spectrum.
• It requires minimum infrastructure for deployment.

White Space Wireless System

• Figure depicts block diagram of TV White Space Internet system.
• As shown it uses TVWS Base Station which is connected with internet backbone. Base Station is interfaced with white space antenna. The antenna relays the internet modulated data based on availability of white space spectrum after analysis in between the occupied TV spectrum.
• The encoded and modulated signal is received by corresponding TVWS CPE.
• The computer or laptop is connected with CPE in order to browse the internet.

Also refer 802.11af WLAN which utilizes the same concept in WLAN frequency spectrum.

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