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OCXO G-Sensitivity | What is OCXO G-sensitivity | Acceleration Sensitivity

This page describes OCXO G-sensitivity. It mentions both OCXO G-sensitivity definition and G-sensitivity formula/equation and unit of measurement used with OCXO.

OCXO G-sensitivity definition:
OCXO is the full form of Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator. The change in frequency output due to applied acceleration force to an oscillator is known as G-sensitivity. It is also known by the name Acceleration Sensitivity. This is due to the fact that quartz used in the OCXO construction is electro-mechanical device. If a voltage is applied across the crystal, it will oscillate and if a vibration is applied, it will induce voltage.

OCXO working operation

There are different types of OCXO viz. AT cut, IT cut and SC cut. The SC-cut crystal type lower g-sensitivity due to stress compensation feature. The OCXO g-sensitivity is measured in units of ppb/g. The figure-1 depicts internals of OCXO.
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The g-sensitivity for bulk mode quartz crystal range from less than 1x10-10 per g for carefully made SC cut crystal to greater than 1x10-7 per g for low cost AT cut crystal type.

OCXO G-sensitivity formula or equation

Following equations or formula used for OCXO G-sensitivity are as follows. The induced phase noise degradation of oscillator can be easily calculated from g-sensitivity of oscillator.

OCXO G-sensitivity formula

By knowing PSD of vibration input, it is possible to compute g-sensitivity of crystal from the resultant phase noise plot. The equations are obtained from Greenray Industries website. For more information visit https://www.greenrayindustries.com/accsens_tb3.html link.

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