What is LiTRA? | LTE Integrated Trunked Radio

This page describes LiTRA basics and explains LiTRA network diagram. LiTRA stands for LTE Integrated Trunked Radio.

LiTRA is based on 3GPP standard and LTE networks. It is trunking communications solution developed by Huawei. It helps operators to deliver network to customers requiring security and safety.

LiTRA network

The figure-1 depicts LiTRA network based on existing LTE network. The system shown is developed by Huawei to provide mission critical communication. It is used for mission critical application over LTE.

As shown, LiTRA server and dispatch console are two new system components added in the existing LTE network. Installation of mobile client is needed in the LTE smartphone in order to communicate with LiTRA server. LiTRA network uses GCS AS (Group Communication Service Application Server). The system requires upgradation of LiTRA software package in the eNodeB. Following table mentions key actions needed to deploy the LiTRA network.

Network component New addition Upgradation
EPC LiTRA server -
E-UTRAN - LiTRA Software package
Command center Dispatch Console -
Terminal Rugged phone is recommended Soft terminal

Typical critical applications where LiTRA is used include Push to Video, Video surveillance, video dispatch service and GIS based dispatch service.

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