What is LED Lifespan | What is LED Life expectancy

This page covers LED lifespan or LED life expectancy.The LED lifespan is approximately between 50,000 Hrs to 100,000 Hrs. This comes to lifespan of about 13.7 to 27.4 years with daily consumption of 10 Hours per day.

Depending upon external components connected with LED bulb, Lifespan or Life expectance varies. The other factors which affects LED lifespan are temperature, drive level, power supply and environment. The figure-1 below depicts Zigbee supported GE link smart LED bulb. This LED lifespan is about 23 years. Philips Hue LED bulb supports lifespan of about 10 years.

GE link smart LED bulb kit

Following formula or equation is used to calculate LED lifespan in number of years from total consumption in hours and daily consumption in hours.

LED Lifespan Formula

LED Lifespan formula, LED Light Lifespan formula

Total life in Hrs (Input#1) = 50,000
Daily consumption in Hrs (Input#2) = 10
LED Lifespan in Years (Output) = 13.69

Following table-1 mentions typical LED features or LED technical specifications.

LED Features or LED specifications

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