What is Free Duplex in 6G Mobile | Advantages of Free Duplex

This page describes Free Duplex concept used in 6G Mobile Communication and mentions benefits or advantages of Free Duplex with respect to 6G Mobile System.

We have seen evolutions of mobile communication systems from 1G to 4G, 5G NR (New Radio) and 6G (Planned). These cellular technologies are developed to provide different speeds and plenty of features to the mobile users. There are two main parts of such cellular system viz. Base Station and Mobile phone users or subscribers.

Mobile users communicate with Base Station with the help of multiple access techniques and/or duplexing mechanisms. Access techniques include FDMA, TDMA and CDMA. These access/duplexing techniques allow efficient utilization of network resources (time, frequency and space).

What is Free Duplex in 6G Wireless Technology ?

The figure depicts evolutions of duplex techniques used in mobile wireless communication systems from 1st generation (1G) till sixth generation (6G).

Duplex Evolutions

• Fixed Duplex : In this type, frequency and time resources are allocated statically. Based on this there are two types viz. TDD (Time Division Duplex) and FDD (Frequency Division Duplex). In TDD, same frequency is shared among uplink and downlink directions at different time instants. Hence in TDD, entire bandwidth is used. In FDD, different frequencies are allocated to uplink and downlink directions which are used at same time instants.

• Flexible Duplex : In this type, transmission resources such as time and frequency are allocated dynamically. In very dense network scenario, large traffic variations have been observed. In such situations, flexible duplex technique has been used. This duplex technique maximizes spectrum utilization and offer ultimate user experience.

• Free Duplex : There is no TDD or FDD differentiation in this type. It is flexible and self adaptive scheduling mode of flexible duplex or full duplex. Free duplex offers more efficient utilization of spectrum resources by sharing all degree of freedom in three domains viz. time, frequency and space.

Benefits or advantages of Free Duplex

Following are the benefits or advantages of free duplex.
➨It increases throughput.
➨It reduces transmission delay.
➨It improves spectrum efficiency.
➨There is no FDD or TDD resource utilization.
➨It offers more freedom and flexibility for Downlink (DL)/Uplink (UL) resources.

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