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This page of RF wireleless world website on 5G tutorial section covers what is 5G wireless technology all about.

5G stands for 5th Generation of wireless technology. It supercedes 4G wireless standards such as mobile wimax, LTE, LTE advanced, WLAN-11ad etc. This technology provides 10 Gbps speed over the air. It is 66 times faster compare to 4G wireless technologies. Moreover it allows 5G compliant phone to communicate and interact with previous standards based on GSM, LTE, WLAN WiMAX etc. Basically 5G terminal supports multiple RATs (Radio Access Technologies).

5G phone supports following frequency bands under licensed spectrum, shared licensed spectrum and unlicensed spectrum to allow interoperablity and use of phone across technologies and regions.
• Above 6 GHz (Supports millimeter wave bands)
• Below 6 GHz
• Below 1 GHz
It supports signals of bandwidth ranging from 0.5 to 2 GHz.

It supports modulation and access techniques such as OFDM, FBMC, UFMC, GFDM etc. It supports end to end latency of less than 1ms.

5G network architecture

5G network architecture➤.

5G NR Numerology | 5G NR Terminology

5G NR Control channels | 5G NR Traffic Channels | 5G NR Reference Signals and sequences


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