VoiceXML is similar to HTML used as web page language to deliver webpages to the web browser based on request. VoiceXML is the short form of Voice Extensible Markup Language. This language also consists of tags which tells how the codes are to be processed.


VoiceXML tells IVRS(Integrated Voice Response Systems) action to be taken based on caller's selection of menu options. It is also standard to create speech recognition interfaces with the internet and contact centers. It provides tags with audio prompts. These prompts are used to describe call flow and dialogs.

VoiceXML tags identify prompts and fields which transfer calls based on caller's spoken commands using speech recognition interface. VoiceXML document is based on XML which is the standard developed by W3C. This digital document specifies interactive media and voice dialogs between human beings and computers. It is used to develop voice and audio response systems to be used in banks and automated customer service centers. HTTP is used as transport protocol in order to fetch VoiceXML pages.

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