VSAT Terminal Block Diagram

This page covers VSAT terminal block diagram with functions of each VSAT subsystems. It also mentions VSAT terminal vendors or manufacturers.

VSAT terminal composed of communication equipments and small antenna of diameter about 3.5 meter or 4.5 meter.

Typically VSAT intallation requires following items:
• Outdoor Unit (RF Transceiver, RF LNA, RF Power Amplifier, Antenna, OMT)
• Indoor Unit (Satellite modem, MUX, telephone or data connection interface cards)
• Link cable between indoor and outdoor units.

VSAT Terminal block diagram

Figure depicts VSAT terminal block diagram. Here MAX acts as baseband interface for FAX, Data terminal, telephone etc. VSAT terminal is a part of large network which is managed by Hub station at central place. It has all the intelligence to operate, maintain and configure all the VSAT terminals. Customer database is maintained at the Hub station for billing purpose.

Hub station is also like VSAT terminal. It houses RF equipment, VSAT interface circuitry, user interfaces etc.

Let us understand VSAT terminal operation:
• VSAT is a two way communication and hence one frequency pair (or two frequencies) are needed for establishing connection. It is also referred as duplex communication.
• Modern VSATs uses FDMA/TDMA/CDMA/DAMA based access techniques for communication.
• VSAT terminal is broadly classified into baseband part and RF part.
• Baseband part consists of modem (modulator, demodulator), EDU (Encryptor, Decryptor) , Mux/Demux and data/voice connection circuitry.
• RF part consists of antenna, Rf Power amplifier, RF LNA, frequency converters (up converter and down converter).
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VSAT Terminal Vendors

Following table mentions manufacturers or Vendors of VSAT terminal equipments used in VSAT based network.

VSAT Terminal manufacturers or vendors
Satellite Engineering Group, Singapore
Paradise, UK
Mitec Telecom
Hughes Network Systems
Comtech EF Data, USA
Comsys, UK
Codan, Australia


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