URI vs URL vs URN | difference between URI,URL and URN

This page compares URI vs URL vs URN and mentions difference between URI, URL and URN.

URI-Uniform Resource Identifier

• As mentioned URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier.
• It is a label which can be used to name or locate any resource on internet.
• In other words, URI is a string of characters used to identify a resource on the internet either by location or by name or both.
• SIMILARITY: Contact details of a person such as email, phone, address etc.
• EXAMPLE: Name: Alex Willer
Address: 7081 Columbia street
Woonsocket, RI


URL-Uniform Resource Locator

• As mentioned URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.
• It is string of characters but it uses just address.
• It is a protocol used to communicate with the resource.
• Examples of URL are FTP, HTTP, FILE, MAILTO.
• It is another way to contact the person as mentioned in URI.
• It is one of the class of URI.
• EXAMPLE: Address: 7081 Columbia street
Woonsocket, RI

URL consists of two required components viz. protocol and domain.
The other optional components are path and port.
Example: https://www.rfwireless-world.com:80/Tutorials/networking-tutorial.html
"http" indicates protocol
"www.rfwireless-world.com" indicates domain
"80" indicates port which is optional
"/Tutorials/networking-tutorial.html" indicates path which is optional

URN-Uniform Resource Name

• URN stands for Uniform Resource Name.
• It mentions just the name of resource to be communicated. No other contact information is available.
• It defines namespaces.
• Example is person with different names used in different contexts.
• EXAMPLE: Name: Alex Willer
• Book number such as ISBN 0-486-27557-4 is designated as URN. The location i.e. URL of the book is needed to access it. Both URN and URL collectively known as URI.

In summary, URIs specify address URL or name URN or both. Usually URL is used to identify resources on internet.

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