UMTS/WCDMA UARFCN to Frequency Conversion

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The page provides frequency to UARFCN and vice versa conversion equation. It provides link to online calculator for the same.

UARFCN stands for UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number mainly used for UMTS/WCDMA system to convert frequency in different bands to UARFCN number and vice versa.

Frequency to UARFCN conversion Equation

UARFCN in the downlink = 5* (Downlink Frequency- FDL_Offset)

UARFCN in the uplink = 5* (Uplink Frequency- FUL_Offset)

UARFCN to frequency conversion Equation

Downlink Frequency = FDL_Offset + 0.2*(Downlink UARFCN)

Uplink Frequency = FUL_Offset + 0.2*(Uplink UARFCN)


UMTS Frequency bands and UARFCN

UARFCN Calculator

Following is the UMTS UARFCN to Frequency conversion calculator.

UMTS Downlink UARFCN (input) :

UMTS Downlink Frequency in MHz (Output1):

UMTS Uplink Frequency in MHz(Output2):

UMTS Uplink UARFCN (Output3):

Enter following input to obtain outputs:
UMTS Downlink UARFCN (input) = 10570


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