Synchronous motor vs Induction motor-Difference between Synchronous motor and Induction motor

This page on Synchronous motor vs Induction motor mentions difference between Synchronous motor and Induction motor.

Synchronous motor Induction motor
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The average speed of synchronous motor is always synchronous. It is independent of load. The induction motor has normal speed less than that of synchronous but its speed decreases as the load increases
The motor can be operated at all power factors whether lagging or leading. The motor operates at only lagging power factor.
No question of speed control. Speed can be controlled to small units.
Motor requires a DC excitor. No excitor is required.
Synchronous Motor is costlier to manufacturer. Induction Motor is much cheaper to manufacturer.
In addition to motor is being used for mechanical output, it is also used to improve power factor. Here it is referred as synchronous condenser. The application of induction motor is limited to supply of mechanical load.


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