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Single Hop vs Multi Hop-Difference between Single Hop and Multi Hop

This page compares Single Hop vs Multi Hop and mentions difference between Single Hop and Multi Hop systems. It mentions examples of satellite network and networking system.

Single Hop vs Multi Hop In A Satellite Network

Single Hop Vs Multi Hop

• The figure-1 depicts single Hop and dual Hop (i.e. multi hop) systems used in satellite network.
• As shown to the left in the figure, two earth stations or VSATs communicate through satellite only once for communication in one direction (i.e. either uplink or downlink) in mesh type network. This is known as single hop system.
• As shown to the right in the figure, two VSATs communicate twice through satellite for communicate in single direction. This is star type network. This is more than one time and hence it is called multi hop system.
Information flow uplink direction : VSAT-1 to Satellite, Satellite to Hub Station, Hub Station to Satellite, Satellite to VSAT-2.

Single Hop vs Multi Hop In Internet

• In Internet or any other IP based network packet travels from source IP device to destination IP device through one or many networking devices (e.g. bridges, routers, gateways etc.).
• When packet travels from source to destination using single networking device, it is known as single hop system.
• When packet travels from source to destination using more than one networking devices, it is known as multi hop system.

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