Segment vs Packet vs Frame-Difference between Segment,Packet,Frame

This page compares Segment vs Packet vs Frame and mentions difference between Segment, Packet and Frame.

Segment vs Packet vs Frame

Figure-1 depicts simple TCP/IP stack with 5 layers.
➨Application layer data is broken into small size segments by TCP based on transport layer carrying capacity i.e. based on Maximum Segment Size (MSS). The data at this layer-4 is known as segment. Each packet is assigned with unique sequence number.
➨The segments are appended with IP header of size 20 bytes to 60 bytes. The IP header consists of source IP address, Destination IP address, protocol field etc. The data at this layer-3 is known as packet.
➨The layer-2 adds header and trailer to layer-3 data. The header consists of source MAC address, destination MAC address, type field. The trailer is CRC field which helps in error checking. The data at this layer-2 is known as frame.

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