SMS over LoRaWAN | SMS using LORaWAN, LoRa network System

This page describes SMS over LoRaWAN. It explains how SMS can be sent by one end device using LoRaWAN (i.e. LoRa) network to another end device.

What is SMS ?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS service is used to transmit text messages from one mobile device to the other. The maximum size of SMS is about 160 characters.

There are different ways SMS can be delivered viz. person to person, application to person, person to network, internet to person and so on. Refer SMS basics and types >>.

In LoRaWAN, SMS is used to send message between two LoRaWAN end devices. SMS is originated by transmitting device where as SMS is terminated at the receiving device.

What is LoRaWAN ?

LoRa network architecture

The figure depicts LoRaWAN network architecture with its elements. It consists of LoRaWAN end devices, Gateway and servers ( network server, application server and Join server). It operates in various frequency bands across the globe such as US (902 to 928 MHz), EU (863 to 870 MHz) , China (779 to 787 MHz) etc.

LoRaWAN is used for long distance and low data rate applications in IoT/M2M domain. It covers wide range from 5 Km to 15 Km. LoRaWAN devices support three classes A, B and C. The LoRaWAN devices consume very low power and hence battery life can be extended.

SMS over LoRaWAN | SMS using LORaWAN, LoRa network System

SMS over LoRaWAN

The figure depicts connections required for SMS over LoRaWAN network. As shown, one can send SMS from one end to the other using LoRaWAN end devices at region specific Lora frequency. Following are the typical combinations used for SMS transfer. USB or UART connection is used between LoRaWAN device and mobile or laptop/desktop.
➨Between mobile# 1 and mobile#2.
➨Between Mobile and Laptop/Desktop.
➨Between one Laptop/Desktop and another Laptop/Desktop.

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